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Summary0004464: Scalar overlays: Displayed range not restored when loading saved scene

Slicer 4.8.0 r26489
When a model with a scalar overlay is saved (as .mrb), the display settings (i.e. the displayed range) of the scalar overlay are lost and reset to default values.
Specifically, I am displaying a mesh obtained from an electroanatomic mapping system (imported into Slicer as Wavefront .obj file) and the corresponding voltage data (imported into Slicer as Freesurfer .w scalar overlay).
When manually chosing the displayed range (0.5 - 1.5) and saving the scene as .mrb, the displayed range is reset to 0.06-22.37, which is minimum and maximum, after re-opening the saved file.

Steps To Reproduce

File -> Add Data -> Rhythmia-mesh.obj
Models -> Select Rhythmia-mesh
File-> Add Data -> Rhythmia-voltage.w
Model -> Scalars:

  • Select color map "rainbow"
  • Scalar range mode: Manual
  • Displayed range 0.5 - 1.5
    (See screenshot1.png)
    File -> Save -> bundled as .mrb file
    (See save-dialog.png)
    File -> Close scene
    File -> Add data -> Select .mrb file that was saved previously
    Displayed range has changed and scalar overlay looks significantly different
    (See screenshot2.png)




2017-10-19 20:56


screenshot2.png (255,120 bytes)
screenshot2.png (255,120 bytes)
save-dialog.png (19,204 bytes)
save-dialog.png (19,204 bytes)
screenshot1.png (269,934 bytes)
screenshot1.png (269,934 bytes)
Rhythmia-voltage.w (48,466 bytes)
Rhythmia-mesh.obj (1,291,628 bytes)

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