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0004478Slicer4Extension: (Any extensions)public2017-12-23 10:05
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Product VersionSlicer 4.6.2 
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Summary0004478: Unable to open Extension Manager in Mac

I'm trying to open the extension manager in Mac version of Slicer 4.8.0. Every time I try to open it, it starts to download and then freezes. I'm running Slicer 4.8.0 in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Slicer twice with reboots in between. I'm not sure what's causing this.

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2017-11-21 14:17

reporter   ~0015427

Basically, when I open extension manager, it just sits and says "loading extensions" forever. I've waited more than 10 min and have a brand new computer. So frustrating.



2017-11-23 16:59

developer   ~0015442

I did a fresh install of 4.8 on High Sierra, and Extension Manager was populated immediately.

What happens if you delete Slicer.ini in ~/.config/ and try again?



2017-11-24 17:19

reporter   ~0015444

I think I was launching it incorrectly from the .dmg and not through the apps. ????
Got it working.

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