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0004487Slicer4Extension: SlicerRTpublic2018-05-30 01:29
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Summary0004487: Unable to convert a mhd file into RT Dose

Hi everybody,

I would like to convert some mhd file into RT Dose. So far, I have succefully converted when these mhd were placed into a study hierarchy (NewSubject then NewStudy). However, since I have updated my Slicer version (to 4.8) running through MacOS, I always wind up with the following message: "The volume must be under a study in order to be converted to dose. Please drag&drop the volume under a study. If there is no study, it can be created under a subject. Consult the help window for more details." despite the fact I have well placed the mhd files into the study hierarchy (I sucessfully proceeded like this a thousand time in the previous versions).

Someone have spotted the same bug as well?

Thanks in advance,


Steps To Reproduce

In the Data module, Subject hierarchy tab:

  • create new subject
  • create child study
  • place the mhd files into the hierarchy
  • right click and Convert to RT dose volume
  • the error message appears
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2017-12-20 14:05

developer   ~0015460

Can you please share an mrb scene please? It will help me debug the issue. Thanks!



2017-12-21 08:55

developer   ~0015463

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Also which Slicer version you used exactly? You didn't specify product version.

It works for me in 4.8.0.



2018-01-10 02:53

reporter   ~0015476

Hi pinter,

Sorry for the answer delay. Please find the mrb scene enclosed. I used the version 4.8.0 and today the 4.8.1 but the bug remains. In the meantime, I have installed the previous release (4.6.2) and it works perfectly.



2018-01-10-Scene.mrml (40,535 bytes)


2018-01-17 13:51

developer   ~0015477

The mrml file you sent is only the XML-style descriptor for the scene, the data is not there. You need to zip the whole directory, or if it's easier you can save the scene as an MRB file and it will a single file package.



2018-01-17 13:59

developer   ~0015478

By the way I can convert a volume to an RT dose following the steps you provided using the latest version on both Windows and Mac.



2018-05-30 01:29

developer   ~0015829

Reporter did not end up sending the requested files and with data at hand, the problem was not reproducible.

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