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0004487Slicer4Extension: SlicerRTpublic2018-01-10 02:53
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Summary0004487: Unable to convert a mhd file into RT Dose

Hi everybody,

I would like to convert some mhd file into RT Dose. So far, I have succefully converted when these mhd were placed into a study hierarchy (NewSubject then NewStudy). However, since I have updated my Slicer version (to 4.8) running through MacOS, I always wind up with the following message: "The volume must be under a study in order to be converted to dose. Please drag&drop the volume under a study. If there is no study, it can be created under a subject. Consult the help window for more details." despite the fact I have well placed the mhd files into the study hierarchy (I sucessfully proceeded like this a thousand time in the previous versions).

Someone have spotted the same bug as well?

Thanks in advance,


Steps To Reproduce

In the Data module, Subject hierarchy tab:

  • create new subject
  • create child study
  • place the mhd files into the hierarchy
  • right click and Convert to RT dose volume
  • the error message appears
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2017-12-20 14:05

developer   ~0015460

Can you please share an mrb scene please? It will help me debug the issue. Thanks!



2017-12-21 08:55

developer   ~0015463

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Also which Slicer version you used exactly? You didn't specify product version.

It works for me in 4.8.0.



2018-01-10 02:53

reporter   ~0015476

Hi pinter,

Sorry for the answer delay. Please find the mrb scene enclosed. I used the version 4.8.0 and today the 4.8.1 but the bug remains. In the meantime, I have installed the previous release (4.6.2) and it works perfectly.



2018-01-10-Scene.mrml (40,535 bytes)

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