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Summary0000045: GE Signa files not supported due to ITK bugs

'Historic' BWH files from GE Signa systems come in GE5 format, and are typically files like I.001, I.002, etc. But these can't be read by ITK currently.

The issues have been reported here:

I added code to enable them to vtkITKArchetypeImageSeriesReader.cxx with ifdef for a non-defined symbol USE_ITKGE5READER to keep it from being compiled since it does not work. This can be removed once ITK gets fixed.

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2007-03-19 10:53

administrator   ~0000053

The ITK bugs have been fixed in the cvs head (thanks to a mysterious retired coder...!) These will propagate to slicer3 with the next release of ITK (version 3.4.



2007-03-27 08:51

administrator   ~0000062

Bill Lorenesen fixed these issues in ITK and they will be ready by the next release. (Thanks Bill!).

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