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0004526Slicer4Core: GUIpublic2018-04-27 10:07
ReporterlassoanAssigned Topinter 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Target VersionSlicer 4.11.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004526: Procedural color node points may be dragged out of visible range

In Colors module, when editing a procedural color node, points may be dragged out of the displayed range and there. Need to switch to another color node and switch back to have the range sliders reset.

How to reproduce:

  • Go to Colors module
  • Select RedGreenBlue colormap
  • Create a copy
  • Adjust visible range slider to see all points
  • Drag the rightmost point towards right side => the point can be moved over the current displayed range (good!) but it gets out of view, we cannot see it anymore, it is not possible to increase the visible range

Workaround: switch to another color node and switch back

Potential solution: update range slider min/max value when mouse release after a drag-and-drop

Another small problem is that displayed range of the colormap is not changed when switching between procedural color nodes.

How to reproduce:

  • Set visible range for RedGreenBlue
  • Switch to dGEMRIC-1.5T node => color chart is all black (because visible range RedGreenBlue is just a very small portion of range of dGEMRIC)

Workaround: adjust visible range sliders manually to see the full range

Potential solution: when switching to a new color node, adjust the visible range to the full range of the colormap

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2018-04-24 15:55

developer   ~0015679

Pull request issued in CTK:

Once merged, the CTK hash needs to be updated in Slicer, and these issues should be then fixed.



2018-04-26 16:09

developer   ~0015680

Fix has been integrated into CTK. Csaba, could you update the CTK git hash in Slicer?



2018-04-27 10:07

developer   ~0015683

Just did, in this revision

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