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0004539Slicer4Module DICOMpublic2018-04-13 16:44
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Summary0004539: Could not load: 1: Unnamed Series as a Scalar Volume

So I tried to import 3DUS study to 3D Slicer and as I upload data standard message pops up (1 New Patient, 1 New Study etc.), as I go further on, new message pops up saying: Could not load: 1: Unnamed Series as a Scalar Volume. That happens every time as I try to open data.

I tried with another study obtained with CT and it runs normally. Is it possible that problem occurs because data were obtained from 3DUS machine? What should I do to open it correctly?

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I run DICOM patcher and it did create new data but the same message pops up.

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2018-04-11 13:52


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2018-04-11 19:02

administrator   ~0015661

SlicerHeart has some volume ultrasound import tools that might help.

Otherwise have a look at the DICOM FAQ and report back with info based on the suggestions there:



2018-04-12 13:06

reporter   ~0015663

Dear Pieper, thank you for your fast reply.

I have installed SlicerHeart extension as you said but the same problem appeared.

Then I examined data in advanced mode as one pop up message said and the message appeared as seen in the picture. I am not sure what does it mean, so if you could help me please or if you are willing I could send you DICOM data that I have (it is around 40 MB, but I can compress it) so you could examine it by yourself.

Best regards, Vjekoslav.

Untitled4.jpg (94,751 bytes)
Untitled4.jpg (94,751 bytes)


2018-04-12 13:45

administrator   ~0015664

Hi Vjekoslav -

The message about 'not containing geometry information' probably means this is a secondary capture (screenshot) or similar that maybe can't be read as a 3D volume. With the series selected you can use the Metadata button and scroll through the dicom headers to see if there's coherent data.

You might also try loading it via File->Add Data instead of using the dicom database.

If there's any patient-identifying data you shouldn't send it to me or post it here. That may mean you need to do some more debugging on your own to sort this out.

Hope that helps,



2018-04-13 16:44

reporter   ~0015671

When I try to open a .jpeg format or other picture format (screenshot) it opens it as picture. This happens when I try to open .dcm or .vol file that I saved for done US study.
I opened Metadata but not sure what I need to see/do there.
I will try to open via File -> Add Data as you said, and let you know did it worked.

Thank you for your time.

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