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0004546Slicer4Core: Usabilitypublic2018-06-04 08:49
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004546: Dot (".") in volume name leads to wrong variable name, wrong modified status, and suffix doubling

I could not reproduce 0003890 as stated.

A simpler and basic problem it seems (?): if a volume name contains a "." --- in addition to the "." of the suffix --- then it cannot be loaded correctly (at least under Windows). In particular, the status is "Modified" and ".nnrd" is doubled in VolumeArchetypeStorage.

Work-around: don't use "." in file names (although the Segmentation code does so with success as far as I can see).

Steps To Reproduce

1) load MRHead
2) save MRHead under a different name "MR.head.nrrd". Note the extra dot.
3) close "Save data"
4) close scence
5) add "MR.head.nrrd"
6) name will be reported in error as "MR.Head.nrrd" in Data section and the volume is marked Modified. Also, suffix doubling of ".nrrd" is noted in MRML file.

With name "MRhead.nrrd" instead, the volume will be named "MRhead" in Data section when added and it will not be modified -- expected behavior.

Additional Information

Version: 4.9.0-2018-04-06 r27131. Windows 10.

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related to 0003890 acknowledgedpieper Renaming node in the scene changes the filename in the storage node 




2018-04-26 17:21

administrator   ~0015682

I was not able to reproduce this on mac or windows (with april 23 build)

Maybe I'm not understanding the steps exactly. Here's what I did:

1) download MRHead from SampleData
2) rename to MR.Head
3) all scene files to temp dir

File name is correct as MR.Head.nrrd. MRML scene file saves and reloads correctly. No doubling of the extension is seen either on the file system or inside the MRML file.

Am I messing a step?



2018-04-27 11:46

reporter   ~0015684

I think you're missing a "close scene" --- here's an easier way to reproduce (now using April 23 version on Windows):

  • make two copies of the mrhead file (use the file browser, OS level) and name them "MR.head.nrrd" and "MRhead.nrrd" (where ".nrrd" is the file extension)
  • start Slicer, "add data" and select one or the other file, then "save"
  • then you'll see either of two situations (pics enclosed) depending on that extra dot -- and the extra dot case shows two of the errors (variable name and modified status)
  • and if you save the scene you'll see doubling of file extension in the extra dot case, not in the regular case

CaptureDOT.PNG (15,695 bytes)
CaptureDOT.PNG (15,695 bytes)
CaptureNODOT.PNG (16,370 bytes)
CaptureNODOT.PNG (16,370 bytes)


2018-05-29 09:53

developer   ~0015763

Volume storage node was not initialized correctly and therefore failed to strip file extension correctly. Fixed in r27210.



2018-05-29 10:22

administrator   ~0015764

Thanks Andras!

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