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0004552Slicer4Core: Extensionspublic2018-10-04 19:17
Reporterjcfr Assigned Tojcfr  
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Product VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Target VersionSlicer 4.9.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004552: Extension Manager: External link do NOT work
  • Browse to extension detailed page
  • Click on "Homepage" -> nothing happen
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2018-06-06 17:33

administrator   ~0015876

The way that qSlicerWebWidget (which should handle internal and external links) is structured is very QtWebKit dependent, and so lots of functionality is simply lost after switching over to QtWebEngine. I am looking into the best way to rewrite these widgets.



2018-06-06 17:43

administrator   ~0015877

Thanks for the update

I am looking into the best way to rewrite these widgets

Ideally, data store, sceneview, etc ... should all use the qSlicerWebWidget.

In that particular case, the onLinkClicked slot is not connected when using recent version of Qt.




2018-06-06 17:54

administrator   ~0015878

Yeah, I tried a "quick fix" of have qSlicerWebEnginePage implement acceptNavigationRequest() to catch the link and then emit a linkClicked() signal to mimic the old behavior, but the results weren't great. I was able to get external links, but the internal ones got messed up.

Instead of loading the extension page with bad external links, i get the failure to load extension page, with a working external link!



2018-06-07 15:35

administrator   ~0015879

Last edited: 2018-06-15 11:41

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Got the URLRequestInterceptor working. A working page load (as done by right clicking the bad link to "Follow Link" ) sends a navigation request that looks like this:

'QUrl("")     "ResourceTypeMainFrame = 0, // top level page"'

Additional requests for page elements will follow

Actually Clicking on the non-functioning link gives only this request:
''QUrl("") "ResourceTypeImage, // an image (jpg/gif/png/etc)''

The link is somehow misinterpreted as an image and the request is coming through piwik



2018-06-15 14:01

administrator   ~0015895

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To mitigate the issue, the statistics module on the corresponding midas instance has been disabled. Note that this is different from the download stats associated with

@sjh267 This should help with the external link clicking issue.



2018-08-10 13:41

administrator   ~0015955


This commit: attaches the request interceptor to the page, and prints out "Page Request" with each new top-level request. The link handling is as-is wrt the current slicer master, so we would expect all links to open within the current browser. However, the view home page/ view source code links in the individual extensions page do not generate any navigation requests.



2018-09-27 10:31

administrator   ~0016043

As discussed on the hangout this one shouldn't be a blocker for the release - I suggest taking off the roadmap.



2018-10-04 19:17

administrator   ~0016075

Fixed in r27454

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