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0004558Slicer4Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)public2018-10-22 18:35
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Summary0004558: ExternalDependency libarchive generates error in Debug mode with gcc8.1

gcc8.1 finds a warning in libarchive, that in debug mode, turns into a build error, because libarchive set "-Werror" in Debug mode.

Reported upstream:

A temporal workaround for Slicer is to compile libarchive always in Release mode.

In External_LibArchive.cmake

Steps To Reproduce

Compile Slicer in debug mode with gcc 8.1

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related to 0004616 resolvedjcfr Build error with GCC 8.2.0 within libarchive 




2018-06-01 15:23

administrator   ~0015869

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Thanks for the report

Instead of "working around" the root problem setting the build type.

May you could create a PR as suggested in

Then, I suggest to cherry pick the change on top of the current branch on Slicer fork. See

We will update to use the latest version of LibArchive after the coming release.



2018-07-13 18:28

developer   ~0015914

Resolved in



2018-07-13 18:29

developer   ~0015915

Solved in

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