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0004563Slicer4public2018-05-28 09:00
Reporternick_slizerAssigned Tolassoan 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004563: Ctrl-W "Close Scene" looses all data

Folks closing their apps with Ctrl-W are in for a surprise if one such keystroke lands in 3D Slicer: it invokes "Close scene" which throws away all changed data -- and impertinently so without asking!

Tested on 4.9.0 under Windows 10. Suggest "Major" for severity.

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2018-05-25 15:17

developer   ~0015738

I'll add a confirmation dialog (similar to those displayed on application close and restart).



2018-05-26 13:47

developer   ~0015739

Fixed in r27205.

Added confirmation dialog for scene close. User can choose to disable confirmation dialog by checking the checkbox in the dialog or in application settings ("Confirm on scene close" checkbox).



2018-05-28 09:00

reporter   ~0015758

@lassoan thx very much for super quick intervention. I checked: with 2018-5-27 the issue has been completely resolved!

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