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0004595Slicer4Core: Building (CMake, Superbuild)public2018-10-13 04:11
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Target VersionSlicer 4.9.0Fixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004595: multiple rules generate slicer (ninja error)

The latest ninja versions set '-w dupbuild=error' by default, which makes this long-standing warning into an error by default:

ninja: error: multiple rules generate Slicer [-w dupbuild=err]

The offending lines in Slicer-build/ are:

build Slicer: phony bin/
build SlicerApp: phony bin/

Of course it can be worked around by passing '-w dupbuild=warn' as in the past, but would be nice to build cleanly ootb (I'm using the Kitware ninja binaries w/ jobserver).

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2018-08-07 22:17

administrator   ~0015942

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Considering the following example

rule sort
  command = cat input.txt | sort > output.txt

build output.txt: sort input.txt 

build foo: phony output.txt
build bar: phony output.txt

and its associated input.txt:


Running any of the following command succeed:

rm -f output.txt && ninja -w dupbuild=err
rm -f output.txt && ninja foo -w dupbuild=err
rm -f output.txt && ninja bar -w dupbuild=err

This indicates that having these two phony rules may not be the issue:

build Slicer: phony bin/
build SlicerApp: phony bin/

This is confirmed by skipping the launcher configuration in the application:

diff --git a/Applications/SlicerApp/CMakeLists.txt b/Applications/SlicerApp/CMakeLists.txt
index 1acd8ec..dd535ae 100755
--- a/Applications/SlicerApp/CMakeLists.txt
+++ b/Applications/SlicerApp/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ slicerMacroBuildAppLibrary(
 # Configure launcher only for the main application
-  set(extra_args CONFIGURE_LAUNCHER)
+#  set(extra_args CONFIGURE_LAUNCHER)


In that case, we still have the same two phony rules but no complain from ninja.



2018-08-07 22:30

developer   ~0015943

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The second line is the one ninja identified in the error message. Here is some related discussion:

It's actually a bit trickier than just -wdupbuild=warn, because that flag doesn't automatically get threaded down to the sub-builds; there's a reason ninja devs don't like nested projects : (

I think export NINJAFLAGS=-wdupbuild=warn will work, but right now I can't access the computer where I started the build that way. doesn't work, had to build ninja locally and revert the change.



2018-08-08 08:44

developer   ~0015944

In that case, we still have the same two phony rules but no complain from ninja.

Do you think ninja is reporting the wrong line number? Or this is a CMake bug?



2018-08-08 14:51

administrator   ~0015947

This sample project allows to reproduce the problem



2018-08-08 17:58

developer   ~0015948

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Thanks. So my understanding is that ninja is correct here, but only one of the phony lines is the problem, because we really do have an alias duplicating a real target.

One possible work-around: invert the order. Make add_custom_target depend only on the CTKAppLauncher_EXECUTABLE. Then change the command to add_custom_command(TARGET Configure{...}Launcher POST_BUILD. I think the end result should be the same, and it seems to work, see diff in comment:

[edit: posted wrong link above]



2018-08-09 08:17

administrator   ~0015949

Suggested workaround makes sense.

Here is also the fix I suggested for the Ninja generator:



2018-08-09 11:58

administrator   ~0015950

MR submitted to upstream CMake. See

I will implement the workaround in Slicer

also, we may have to add workaround in other place ... see



2018-08-09 13:00

developer   ~0015951

Great. btw I guess the work-around is technically equivalent to just removing the add_custom_command and putting the COMMANDs in add_custom_target -- add_custom_target runs for every build, so the add_custom_command does too.



2018-08-09 19:11

administrator   ~0015954

Fix (along with test) merged into app launcher:

(Before doing a new a release of the launcher, gonna have to create a new static build tree of Qt so that QProcess::setInputChannelMode is available. See



2018-10-13 04:11

administrator   ~0016117

Fixed in r27469

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