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0004619Slicer4Extension: (Any extensions)public2018-10-04 21:31
ReportertorquilAssigned Tolassoan 
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004619: Hardcoded video length limit of 30 s is too low in

In, there seems to be a hardcoded limit on video length which is set to 30s. Line 224:

self.videoLengthSliderWidget.maximum = 30

I'm working on fluoroscopyvideos, and some of them are longer than 30s, so I had to change to 60 in the Slicer source to accomodate this. 30 s seems rather low. Perhaps a limit is needed for reasons I do not know about, but perhaps the limit could be increased, e.g. to 600?

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3d Slicer Git Master as of today, built from source on Debian Sid Linux with GCC 8.2.0.

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