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0004634Slicer4Module LandmarkRegistrationpublic2018-11-29 09:26
ReporterpieperAssigned Topieper 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Target VersionSlicer 4.11.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0004634: Most fiducials not selectable in LandmarkRegistration with latest VTK

The fiducials used as landmarks cannot be selected in most cases. On maybe 1 in 6 few slice views it is possible to grab and move a fiducial, but on the others the default window/level operation is applied.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Open Slicer
2) load to volumes (e.g. download MRHead twice)
3) enter LandmarkRegistration module
4) select volumes as fixed and moving
5) add a landmark
6) try to grab and move the landmark in different slice views => you can in 4.8.1, but cannot in 4.9

Additional Information

This is related to the version of VTK used for Qt5 compatibility. If the same Slicer code is compiled for Qt4, then an older VTK is used and the landmarks are all draggable.

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related to 0004628 closedjcfr Unable to move fiducial position with cursor 
related to 0003808 closednicole Impossible to move landmarks, on one, two or three of the slices 




2018-10-15 22:56

administrator   ~0016133

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This particular issue was already present in r27104 when the VTK version was updated to include fixed in VTK to avoid workaround associated with 0003808.

This can be verified by downloading the installer associated with r27120:



2018-10-15 23:57

administrator   ~0016134

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On windows:

Installer associated with r27099:

Installer associated with r27105:



2018-11-21 14:43

administrator   ~0016198

Workaround is to pan before grabbing fiducials as describe here:



2018-11-27 15:21

developer   ~0016205

With the pan workaround as a clue, I can (sometimes) reproduce this without using the landmark registration module

  1. Load volume
  2. Place 1 or 2 fiducials
  3. In markups module, activate Jump to Slices and Centered
  4. Jump to a fiducial
  5. Try to move fiducial. It will usually be immovable in at least 1 view


2018-11-29 09:26

administrator   ~0016211

That's a huge help - thanks!

This will need some deep dive debugging to keep track of all the picker code and whatnot. In the previous version of this bug I spent several days on it. Getting a pure-VTK demo was key to getting it fixed that time and would be good this time too if we can do it.

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