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0004649Slicer4Module DICOMpublic2018-10-30 09:40
ReporterfedorovAssigned Topieper 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.10.1 
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Summary0004649: “Yes to all” for DICOM Repair database option

The Repair function is very nice, but with large number of missing files, it is not usable, since “Yes” needs to be clicked for every item (probably, for every series).

It would be very helpful if something to the effect of “Yes to all” could be added.

On a related note, it is not possible to interrupt the process of “Repair” - closing the popup is equivalent to clicking “No”, so the only way out is to kill the Slicer app, which may be undesirable, if the user did not save the work before starting the DICOM DB repair process. Would be nice to have a way to interrupt the process.

Discussed on the forum here:

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