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0004657Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2018-11-14 14:28
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Target VersionSlicer 4.11.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0004657: Allow customization of Slicer_MAIN_PROJECT_VERSION_FULL suffix

When building custom application, different version string are expected (e.g using the git hash instead of the build date)

To support this, the idea would be to introduce a variable named Slicer_MAIN_PROJECT_PREVIEW_VERSION_SUFFIX_TEMPLATE.

By default it would be set to <Slicer_MAIN_PROJECT_BUILDDATE> but it could easily be set to <Slicer_MAIN_PROJECT_WC_REVISION>

Not that using this special syntax <CMAKE_VARIABLE_NAME> is needed to delay the settings of the final value and ensure it is always up-to-date

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