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0004667Slicer4Core: Extensionspublic2018-12-17 14:13
ReporterdzenanzAssigned Tojcfr 
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Product VersionSlicer 4.10.0 
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Summary0004667: Extension wizard produces a module which fails the generated test

The default test's result is saved into .nhdr+.raw pair of file. But .nhdr contains the name of .raw file as CLIModuleTemplateTest.raw. When this file is renamed by the extension wizard (CLP=SegmentVasculature), the test fails:

1: [nrrd] nrrdLoad: trouble reading "C:/Dev/hmc-cerebralaneurysm-Snr/SegmentVasculature/Data/Baseline/SegmentVasculatureTest.nhdr"
1: [nrrd] nrrdRead: trouble
1: [nrrd] _nrrdRead: trouble reading NRRD file
1: [nrrd] _nrrdFormatNRRD_read: couldn't open the first datafile
1: [nrrd] nrrdIoStateDataFileIterNext: couldn't open "C:/Dev/hmc-cerebralaneurysm-Snr/SegmentVasculature/Data/Baseline/CLIModuleTemplateTest.raw" (data file 1 of 1) for reading

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create an extension
  2. Add CLI a module to it
  3. Compile the extension
  4. Run the test using CTest
Additional Information

This is the generated test code in the module. The baseline should not have been renamed. Or better yet, it should have been .nrrd format instead of .nhdr+.raw.

ExternalData_add_test(${CLP}Data NAME ${testname} COMMAND ${SEM_LAUNCH_COMMAND} $<TARGET_FILE:${CLP}Test>
--compare DATA{${BASELINE}/${CLP}Test.nhdr,${CLP}Test.raw}
--sigmaSmall 2.5 DATA{${INPUT}/CTHeadAxial.nhdr,CTHeadAxial.raw.gz} ${TEMP}/${CLP}Test.nhdr

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