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0004673Slicer4Module Modelspublic2020-02-18 09:39
Reportersdblack4 Assigned ToSunderlandkyl  
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PlatformPCOSWindows 10OS Version17134.523
Product VersionSlicer 4.10.1 
Target VersionSlicer 4.11.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0004673: Left hand side of brain model does not load scalar/label while right hand side does, regardless of model

When loading any freesurfer output (lh.pial/rh.pial) the models are brought in correctly. However, when loading in a custom label (mri_mergelabel) for the lh.pial, the scalar overlay fails to show. This is not an issue for the rh.pial for the same custom label. When loading the two individual labels that make up the custom label for the lh.pial, either loads fine as a scalar overlay. This has been tried with three different subjects and their lh.pial, all with the exact same problem. The rh.pial loads correctly with the custom label for all of the subjects tested.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load lh.pial and rh.pial
  2. load lh.dlpfc.label for the lh.pial as a scalar overlay and load the rh.dlpfc.label for the rh.pial
  3. Set each corresponding scalar for each model to "Color Table: Grey" and "Scalar Range Mode: Color table"
  4. As seen in the brain model, the rh.pial correctly shows the rh.dlpfc.label, while the lh.dlpfc.label is not shown.
  5. Load in lh.caudalmiddlefrontal.label and lh.rostralmiddlefrontal.label for the lh.pial model as scalar overlays (Both of these were merged in freesurfer into the lh.dlpfc.label if you wish to try to merge yourself)
  6. Apply either scalars to the lh.pial and observe that they are now present on the model.
Additional Information

Changing the name of the lh.dlpfc.label does not correct this issue.

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2019-01-30 00:42


lh.dlpfc.label (651,787 bytes)
lh.caudalmiddlefrontal.label (152,470 bytes)
lh.rostralmiddlefrontal.label (499,378 bytes)
rh.dlpfc.label (696,863 bytes)
rh.caudalmiddlefrontal.label (182,363 bytes)
rh.rostralmiddlefrontal.label (514,561 bytes)


2020-02-18 09:39

developer   ~0016312

@sunderlandkyl could you check if this is still an issue?

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