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0004691Slicer4Core: Base Codepublic2019-05-08 07:09
ReporterHeiko StarkAssigned Tojcfr 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product VersionSlicer 4.8.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004691: Slicer can't load tensor fields with pattern 'Seg' inside a filename

Slicer can't load tensor fields with pattern 'Seg' inside a filename.
The name 'Se.nii' or 'Segm.nii' works, however.

Steps To Reproduce

Open a Seg.nii file (only tested for sym matrix fields).

Additional Information

Warning: In /home/kitware/Dashboards/Package/Slicer-480/Libs/vtkITK/vtkITKArchetypeImageSeriesReader.cxx, line 931
vtkITKArchetypeImageSeriesScalarReader (0x8a978e0): Mismatch between image data and meta data number of scalar components, ignoring metada scalar range.

UpdateFromFile: Unsupported number of components (only 1 allowed): 6

ReadData: Cannot read file as a volume of type LabelMapVolume[fullName = /home/tiger/Work/temp/Seg.nii]
Number of files listed in the node = 0.
File reader says it was able to read 1 files.
File reader used the archetype file name of /home/tiger/Work/temp/Seg.nii [reader 0th file name = /home/tiger/Work/temp/Seg.nii]

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