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0004710Slicer4Module Markupspublic2019-12-18 15:02
Reporterjamesobutler Assigned Tolassoan  
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10 ProOS Version1903
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Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.11.0 
Summary0004710: Remove All Markups button doesn't update Markups module table

Using the "Remove All Markups" action removes the point from the scene, but doesn't update the Markups module table. Using "Delete the Highlighted Markup" button does update the Markups module table. "Delete All Markups" of the qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget appropriately removes all markups in scene and updates its table correctly.

The below error is the only thing logged. Full log attached.
[CRITICAL][Qt] 05.09.2019 10:24:12 [] (unknown:0) - The VTKEvent( 19003 ) triggered by vtkObject( vtkMRMLMarkupsFiducialNode ) doesn't return data of type vtkObject.
The slot ( "1onActiveMarkupsNodePointRemovedEvent(vtkObject, vtkObject)" ) owned by QObject( "MarkupsModuleWidget" ) may be incorrect.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Slicer
  2. Go to Markups Module
  3. Place a markup fiducial point
  4. Press "Remove All Markups From the Active List" button
  5. Markup point is removed from scene, but still shown in table.
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2019-09-05 10:33


Slicer_28482_20190905_102403.log (2,632 bytes)


2019-12-18 15:02

developer   ~0016301

Fixed in rev28693

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