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0004715Slicer4Module SubjectHierarchypublic2019-11-01 13:21
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Product VersionSlicer 4.11.0 
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Summary0004715: Subject hierarchy folders behaving wrong after manual reparenting

From Andras Lasso:

After creating SH folder and drag&drop two volumes into it (maybe these are not needed, but this was the way how I ran into it), SH tree had some issues – see video:!Arm_AFxB9yqHuL8B1OhSRsXTOMxF4w?e=TwBrBw

  • Segments show up 2x in the SH tree - after creating folder and drag&drop two volumes (0:36)
  • After Segmentations / Export to models, new folder is not selected in output node selector – probably unrelated, maybe it’s just not implemented, not a priority (0:54) (Csaba: it is, just does not show up correctly in this case, so part of the bug)
  • After toggle visibility of exported segment folder, the entire folder disappears (1:03)
Steps To Reproduce

The main problem seems to be that reparenting does not happen right for the folder. This may be the same problem.

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2019-11-01 13:21

developer   ~0016295

One reparenting bug fixed in

Andras, could you please test with the workflow you reported this with? Thanks!

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