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0000058Slicer3Base Codepublic2008-05-30 10:40
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Summary0000058: Slicer3 on Windows XP throws errors on exit.

A majority of the time, when Slicer3 is exited, either from the File menu or with the Windows close box, it generates a window full of error messages. This window appears and disappears too fast to be able to read the messages (isn't this a bug in itself?), and Windows catches the bad exit status and produces the usual 'report error?' dialog box. This problem is not 100% reproducible but appears to happen about 80% of the time. It does not seem to matter what you do between program start and exit: the problem happens even when you exit immediately after starting up.

Additional Information

Windows XP, SP 2, all current patches. 2 Gbytes RAM, plenty of disk and swap space. Happens with both the latest binary installation and a build-from-source that was current with the repository on 4/12/07.

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2007-08-15 12:33

administrator   ~0000109

The status of this changes periodically as things get fixed and new shutdown issues get added. Hopefully this will be fixed once the "base" code stabilizes with DTI.



2007-09-27 12:31

developer   ~0000121

As of today, this is fixed.



2007-11-26 10:02

developer   ~0000179

There are still errors thrown on exit. It is merely annoying, nothing serious.

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