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    PID SeverityReporterStatusUpdated Summary
   0004712 minorlassoan
assigned (jcfr)
2019-09-20Slicer fails to start in Intel Ivy Bridge or older CPUs
   0004711 minorjamesobutler
assigned (nicole)
2019-09-05Coordinates don't update in qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget
   0004710 minorjamesobutler
assigned (nicole)
2019-09-05Remove All Markups button doesn't update Markups module table
resolved (pinter)
2019-08-30need to escape apostrophe in sql statement
   0004708 crashjaredsullivan
assigned (inorton)
2019-08-27Crash when creating new annotation ROI
assigned (pieper)
2019-08-20DICOM browser disappears after loading data
   0004706 minorarankin
assigned (nicole)
2019-08-20Markup events not fired at expected time when using StartPlaceMode
   0004665 crashfepegar
assigned (jcfr)
2019-08-14Slicer crashes when loading NIfTI in int64
   0004704 minorcaioath
assigned (pinter)
2019-07-31Clicking UNDO changes the editing segment
   0004703 featurepinter
assigned (lassoan)
2019-07-30Re-initialize semi-automated tools if ROI changes
resolved (pinter)
2019-07-30Traceback error while using Fill Between Slices auto-complete
   0004701 minorlassoan
assigned (finetjul)
2019-07-28Non-linear transform is ignored by volume renderer
   0004700 minorcriskross
assigned (jcfr)
2019-07-15QT Designer does not start
resolved (lassoan)
2019-07-04Slicer crashes when deleting Markups node
assigned (jcfr)
2019-07-01No /usr/include on macOS Mojave
   0004699 minorkikinis
assigned (pinter)
2019-06-28VolumeRendering: Update documentation to describe multivolume support
resolved (arankin)
2019-06-21QFormBuilder unable to create extension custom widgets
resolved (jcfr)
2019-06-20Markup labels not always visible in tall views
   0004698 minorjcfr
assigned (jcfr)
2019-06-20Module without catergory can not be selected programatically if developer mode is disabled
   0004697 minorjcfr
2019-06-13Convert Slicer core modules documentation to RST
   0004696 minorjcfr
2019-06-13Update Slicer to build against latest VTK
assigned (jcfr)
2019-06-13WebEngine: Fix "An OpenGL Core Profile was requested, but it is not supported on the current platform"
   0004560 featurephcerdan
resolved (jcfr)
2019-06-13C++11: Modernize NULL and 0 to nullptr
   0004695 featurearankin
2019-06-05[Request] Set INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES properties on targets
confirmed (lassoan)
2019-06-04Model files should be saved in LPS coordinate system
resolved (lassoan)
2019-05-31Combobox arrows in Image Dim/Spacing/Origin fields have no effect
resolved (jcfr)
2019-05-31Effect of matrix bottom row in Transforms module
resolved (pinter)
2019-05-30Please consider implementing a "lock" for various settings in the VR module
resolved (pinter)
2019-05-30Segment convenience functions in subject hierarchy
assigned (lassoan)
2019-05-30Segment editor paint brush cannot be resized using shift+mousewheel on Mac
assigned (jcfr)
2019-05-30Rename CDash project from Slicer4 to SlicerStable
assigned (lassoan)
2019-05-21Segmentation closed surface representation sometimes rendered incorrectly in slice views
   0004692 majorHeiko Stark
assigned (jcfr)
2019-05-21Dependence on new library:
   0004691 blockHeiko Stark
assigned (jcfr)
2019-05-08Slicer can't load tensor fields with pattern 'Seg' inside a filename
   0004690 minorpieper
assigned (jcfr)
2019-04-25link warnings in ParameterSerializer and Module Description Parser
resolved (lassoan)
2019-04-23Fill between slices broken
resolved (pinter)
2019-04-15Crash while selecting "Segmentation" as file type for a label
   0004688 minorjcfr
assigned (jcfr)
2019-04-04Fix display of FreeSurferLabels node in Color module
   0004686 minorjcfr
assigned (jcfr)
2019-04-03DICOMReaders test report missing `fixedCorners` attribute
   0004685 minorpinter
assigned (lassoan)
2019-04-02Draw effect does not take parent transform into account
   0004683 minorjohan.andruejol
assigned (jcfr)
2019-04-01SlicerWith______.exe cannot launch other programs
   0004682 majorjohan.andruejol
assigned (jcfr)
2019-04-01Launcher parameters does not evaluate <CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR> properly
   0004680 minorsmrolfe
2019-03-15Loading MRB file breaks linked views
   0004679 featurephcerdan
assigned (pinter)
2019-03-15itkGrowCutSegmentationImageFilter.txx is not using multiple threads
   0004678 majorrudbar
2019-03-10Drag & drop does not work for .raw or .vff files
   0004677 minorphcerdan
assigned (lassoan)
2019-03-04Minor warnings introduced with recent markups fiducials
   0004676 minorNWilkhawk
assigned (nicole)
2019-02-21Cursor suggestion
   0004675 minordfpace
assigned (jcfr)
2019-02-12Cannot load images that are symlinks
   0004674 minorphcerdan
assigned (jcfr)
2019-02-07Slicer_VERSION set in the top CMakeLists do not update version in Slicer-build at Superbuild
assigned (jcfr)
2019-02-07Add rpc.h lookup in python-cmake-buildsystem