Viewing Issues 501 - 550 / 806

    PID SeverityReporterStatusUpdated Summary
   0004210 tweakjcfr
assigned (alexy)
2016-06-16Deduplicate code path to call vtkMRMLSliceLogic::SnapSliceOffsetToIJK
   0004208 minorSamuelWN
assigned (jcfr)
2016-06-13Volume name are not sterilized when renamed during import
   0002207 featurejcfr
assigned (pieper)
2016-06-09DICOM module should register a Setting panel for its settings
acknowledged (jcfr)
2016-06-09Move vtkSlicerTransformLogic into Transforms module
   0003686 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2016-06-09List all the supported extension in "Add File" dialog
   0001333 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2016-06-09python - slicer.cli - improve "run" method parameter checking
acknowledged (jcfr)
2016-06-09Possibility to run a post install script
   00042039majorSean Doyle
resolved (fedorov)
2016-06-03Can't export DICOM SEG object with nightly build from 2016/06/02
assigned (jcfr)
2016-06-01Spaces inserted into extensions/modules names
assigned (mehrtash)
2016-05-26Not possible to import DICOM data that has non-ascii in the path
   0004189 featureportokalh
assigned (lassoan)
2016-05-17global scaling factor not saved in transform
   0004183 minorjcfr
assigned (jcfr)
2016-05-03Specifying additional module path should update launcher settings
   0004178 minorleochan2009
assigned (tokuda)
2016-04-25Enhancement : tests for Cxx class were added, now the tests will be merged into the openIGTLink upstream
   0004175 minordscorza
assigned (jcfr)
2016-04-21sitkUtils PushToSlicer does not keep references when overwrite = true
   0004172 minorleochan2009
assigned (tokuda)
2016-04-15nanosecond to fraction conversion not consistent
   0004168 minorleochan2009
assigned (tokuda)
2016-04-12IgtlUnit append function seems wrong, the variable m_NUnits is not incremented after one assignment.
acknowledged (jcfr)
2016-04-01Document python "load" method properties
assigned (inorton)
2016-03-07putting a fiber node under hierarchy removes it from Tractography Display module
   0004160 minorlassoan
assigned (lassoan)
2016-03-03Links to module documentation pages are inconsistent
   0004159 featureantoinel
assigned (hjmjohnson)
2016-03-01GTRACT Download Executable
resolved (kentwilliams)
2016-03-01IJK->RAS matrix incorrect in nightly DWIConverter
resolved (alexy)
2016-02-26User can only display diffusion tensor with glyphs if the scalar mode that is selected if colorOrientation
resolved (alexy)
2016-02-26Can't display glyphs overlaid on FA map
assigned (jcfr)
2016-02-22Data Probe slows down Slicer if mouse is moving in the slice viewers
   0004155 minorfepegar
assigned (nicole)
2016-02-17Font size of the colorbar doesn't get updated
   0004145 featurelassoan
assigned (jcfr)
2016-02-02Allow adding logos and icon to a CLI module
resolved (alexy)
2016-01-31Tensor glyphs display - no reset of the checkboxes when switching volumes in Volume module
assigned (pieper)
2016-01-28Default DICOM database directory might not be writable
assigned (inorton)
2016-01-05DTI tutorial starting from DICOM
assigned (jcfr)
2016-01-04\n characters in XML CLI description are not replaced by newlines
resolved (lassoan)
2015-12-21Module modifies displacements greater than 200mm
   0004108 featurealexis.girault
assigned (alexis.girault)
2015-12-14Slicer does not handle the I/O of Volumes with multiple attributes
   0004104 featurenicole
assigned (nicole)
2015-12-10Allow selecting fiducials from a list for CLIs
acknowledged (nicole)
2015-12-10Allow limiting the number of fiducials for a markup fiducial list
resolved (millerjv)
2015-12-09CLI output parameters should not be editable
   0004103 minorjcfr
assigned (jcfr)
2015-12-08Move general methods to vtkAddon
assigned (nicole)
2015-11-30CLI - ProbeVolumeWithModel module has no test
resolved (fedorov)
2015-11-30Slice position is wrong in case of missing slices in Dicom Series
   00040912minorErich Bremer
assigned (jcfr)
2015-11-30Cannot save label maps as png or jpg
assigned (inorton)
2015-11-12DWIToDTIEstimation GUI and CLI module precision issue
assigned (alexy)
2015-11-12should have a meaningful version in the mrml scene file
feedback (millerjv)
2015-11-04Model maker should create new model hierarchy if it doesn't exist
   0004072 featurejcfr
assigned (pieper)
2015-11-02Editor Threshold Effect: Listen for ImageData modified event
   0004071 featurejcfr
assigned (pieper)
2015-11-02Add show/hide VR button to the Edtior module.
resolved (lauren)
2015-11-02latest UKF code does not work as extension
assigned (nicole)
2015-10-29Usability of "Annotation Screenshot"
   0004068 minorwangk
assigned (alexy)
2015-10-28vtkMRMRHierarchyNode RemoveHierarchyChildrenNodes method used wrong index in for loop
assigned (pohl)
2015-10-28Import Error .. python2.7-lib-dynload/ 2) Library not loaded : /usr/X11/lib/libSM.6.dylib
acknowledged (jcfr)
2015-10-27Provide mechanism allowing to compute code coverage associated with extension
acknowledged (jcfr)
2015-10-27Visibility checkbox in Models module does not work in case of hierarchy nodes