Viewing Issues 601 - 650 / 803

    PID SeverityReporterStatusUpdated Summary
   0003819 minormatthieuheitz
assigned (millerjv)
2014-08-26Cursor moves at the end of the line when typping parameters
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-08-15Slicer has no icon in the taskbar in ubuntu
   0003794 featureinorton
assigned (pieper)
2014-08-05Asynchronous DICOM retrieval
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-07-31No error message when 64-bit Slicer is started on a 32-bit Windows
assigned (finetjul)
2014-07-29Add favorite to file browser for "open scene"
   0003606 featurejcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-07-29Support for direct upload of scripted extension into the Extension Catalog
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-07-29Standalone does not load over CLI because of time out
assigned (padfield)
2014-07-29Simple region growing : asymetric multiplier
acknowledged (finetjul)
2014-07-29Module panel issues
   0003782 featurepieper
assigned (matthew-woehlke)
2014-07-28Should allow selection of module category (or copy from extension category)
   0003781 minorpieper
assigned (matthew-woehlke)
2014-07-28Should not allow a module with a space in the name
   0003770 minorfedorov
assigned (mehrtash)
2014-07-21Sort order for DICOM browser content by most recent
resolved (lassoan)
2014-07-18Add real time display of transformation vector value in transform info widget
   0003767 minorLchauvin
assigned (tokuda)
2014-07-10Unable to unregister external message converters
resolved (alexy)
2014-06-27Hardening model transforms is broken after switch to VTK6
assigned (nicole)
2014-06-24Markups under non-linear transform can break the slice viewer
confirmed (nicole)
2014-06-10Markups CoordinateSystem info in fcsv file is incorrect
assigned (finetjul)
2014-06-05Antialiasing option
assigned (matthew-woehlke)
2014-06-03SlicerWiki: Automatic creation of extension wiki page.
   0003726 featuremehrtash
assigned (mehrtash)
2014-06-02Popup dialogue window to show plugin warnings in DICOM simple mode loading
assigned (jcfr)
2014-05-273D rendering opacity changes with image spacing
assigned (pieper)
2014-05-26DICOM reader fro Grid Transofrms needs to create a hierarchy of Transform nodes, including pre and post transforms
   0003711 featurewangk
assigned (wangk)
2014-05-26Create DICOM-SRO import plugin using DICOM import mechanism
assigned (mehrtash)
2014-05-23DICOM patient browser column headers are not for human reading
   0003705 minorjcfr
assigned (jcfr)
2014-05-21GrowCut extension fails to load
   0003699 minormillerjv
assigned (jcfr)
2014-05-20Module settings are not restored with SceneViews
feedback (matthew-woehlke)
2014-05-20Easy mechanism to comment/rate any given module.
assigned (jcfr)
2014-05-14Effect of matrix bottom row in Transforms module
feedback (cmarion)
2014-05-14Upload test and sample data into the DataStore
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Record usage statistics
   0002565 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Add a function name ctk::composePath - (in file ctkUtils.h)
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Add color of ROI handle to Slicer palette
   0001985 featurefinetjul
assigned (jcfr)
2014-05-13Redesign color dialog to add shading
   0001152 featurefinetjul
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13move cli logic into mrml
   0001294 minordomibel
acknowledged (domibel)
2014-05-13try to remove architecture dependent build code
   0002264 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Update Slicer QtTesting to display a message when a tutorial has been successfully replayed
   0002142 minorfinetjul
assigned (crmullin)
2014-05-13Update QtTesting wiki pages
   0001617 minorjcfr
acknowledged (lauren)
2014-05-13CLI - ProbeVolumeWithModel module has no test
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13CLI parameter: point mulitpe="false" option not really supported in GUI
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Include completion time into the CLI module panel
   0002685 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13Lightbox not managed by SliceLinkLogic
   0002684 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13slice fov is not managed by SliceLinkLogic
   0002683 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13foreground interpolation is not managed by SliceLinkLogic
   0002682 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13Background interpolation is not managed by SliceLinkLogic
   0002680 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13Slice spacing is not managed by SliceLinkLogic
   0002679 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13Slice view compositing is not managed by SliceLinkLogic
   0002677 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13lock reformat widget not managed by SliceLinkeLogic
   0002676 minormillerjv
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13Slice View show reformat widget is not managed by SliceLinkLogic
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13Chart - categorical axis for line or scatter plots without using Label Maps
acknowledged (millerjv)
2014-05-13Chart - Documentation for enabling new chart types