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    PID SeverityReporterStatusUpdated Summary
   0003617 minorpieper
assigned (alexy)
2014-05-13improve documentation of Copy behavior on MRML nodes
   0001618 minorjcfr
assigned (padfield)
2014-05-13CLI - ExtractSkeleton module has no test
acknowledged (finetjul)
2014-05-13Using the MultiVolumeImporter Slicer steals focus of other windows (Mac)
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13"Add a directory" cannot navigate path
feedback (jcfr)
2014-05-131 function call for 1 argument to parse argc/argv with ctkCommandLineParser
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Consolidate enum used to specify scalarInvariant operation in DTI
feedback (jcfr)
2014-05-13DWI To DTI Estimation module
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Load data functionality
   0003354 featurefinetjul
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Recently loaded menu - Add tooltip showing last load date and time
   0003355 minorfinetjul
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Recently loaded menu - Do not require a restart
   0002365 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13ExtensionsIndex workflow improvments
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13cosmetics for .mrb files
   0002637 featuremgrauer
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-13Include all Python header files with nightly binary build
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12fast startup slice viewer
   0001472 featurefinetjul
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12Factorize ctkScreenshotDialog with qMRMLScreenshotDialog
   0002713 featurefedorov
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12vtkMRMLNode::SetScene() should be protected and set by scene
   0001925 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12Display a clear message when Slicer is built on an un-supported platform
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12Update Module template to include widget library
   0002304 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12Get the path to CL compiler when using MSVC
   0002706 minormgrauer
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12build version listed on slicer download page differs from the downloaded folder
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12Allow more levels of nested parametes in module description xml file
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-05-12"tag" to identify CLI executables
   0003679 minorfedorov
assigned (fedorov)
2014-05-07Comma in the path prevents loading data
   0002047 featurefinetjul
assigned (matthew-woehlke)
2014-04-29Automatically populate author and acknowledgement from module XML
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-29Email address in the documentation template
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-29Popup slider range in Volumes GUI is not initialized correctly
   0001541 featurefedorov
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-29allow to hide last step button in wizard GUI
   0002157 minorfinetjul
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-29Add testname / filename convention to Style_Guide wiki page
   0002182 minormillerjv
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22Keep different version of Slicer doxygen documentation
   0003169 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22Add disclaimer on top of Slicer3 related pages
   0001871 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22Add convenient method allowing to read a file into a string
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22Registration of scripted displayable managers
   0002619 featurekikinis
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22improved workflow for download from cdash
   0003330 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22Re-proxify python download
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22Add screenshot based comparison to test using QtTesting
   0001908 minorschuhschuh
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22List as value for MODULE_CATEGORY and MODULE_CONTRIBUTORS
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22VTK Qt designer plugins are missing
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-04-22Superbuild extension template should not require CTestConfig in the source tree
assigned (pieper)
2014-04-15Threshold editor effect continuously leaking memory
2014-04-02qMRMLNodeCheckableBox::setUserCheckable has no effect
   0003637 minorstrugarim
assigned (millerjv)
2014-03-27IA-FEMesh not present
   0003631 minoralexy
assigned (millerjv)
2014-03-18display current "autorun" modules in the Data Probe or lower status bar.
   0003626 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-03-11Ability to install python package using pip
   0003625 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-03-11Faster Slicer start time
   0003624 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-03-11Support of python command line module
   0002820 tweakfinetjul
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-03-07qSlicerExtensionsModelManager::setExtensionsSettingsFilePath should be changed to accept QSettings object
   0002825 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-03-07Consolidate ExternalData.cmake and Midas.cmake
   0002596 minorjcfr
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-03-07Investigate how QtTesting could be recorded as python file
acknowledged (jcfr)
2014-03-07Add windows security compiler flags
   0001418 featurekikinis
acknowledged (nicole)
2014-03-07add progress bar to sceneview restore.